Shortly in english

I and my goldens

I am Krista Leinonen and live in Espoo, Finland. I have had goldens since 1993. I have taken breeder’s basic course in 2006 and participated breeding adviser course in 2009. Kennel name Waterrebel was granted to me in 2010. At the moment I do not have any breeding plans, my study journey to golden world has just begun…

I am also active in dog associations. I worked in Uudenmaan Retriever Association’s Field trial committee for three years. Since 2005 I have also participated Finnish Golden Retriever Club’s work as sub-editor, chief editor as well as secretary and chairman of the executive committee.

My first contact to goldens was our neighbour’s golden “Bobi” (Lilycot My Little Kevin) – wonderful, nice and sometimes stubborn English gentleman. He never pulled, he just showed where he wants to go by sitting down and waiting that I understood the right direction.

My enthusiasm for goldens remained until adulthood, when I got my first own golden ”Bella” (Hantta). Bella live peaceful life after a hip operation made when it was only 6 months old. She grew together with my nephews and my brother knew how to teach it a few tricks, otherwise it took care of its upbringing itself quite independently.

In November 2004 charming “Duracell-Ronja” (Goldwater My Fair Love) arrived to our home. Together with Ronja we learned different hobbies and secrets of training. I was very enthusiastic to try and learn different hobbies and Ronja was at least as enthusiastic. We have tried e.g. agility, obedience, water rescue and field trial. We have also participated a lot of shows. Unfortunately nowadays a strong spondyloses limits our training possibilities and sometimes also our everyday life.

In April 2010 our house and hearts were stormed by “Kuura” (Misstep’s Jambalaya). With Kuura we try to concentrate to one or two hobbies – field trial and obedience. We also have participated and will participate a few shows.

I want to thank Ronja’s and Kuura’s breeders for wonderful dogs and all support in getting to know this breed and different hobbies. My study journey continues…